Just for You!!

After decades in the credit and lending business, and due to popular demand, I’m creating a program just for you this week. I’m calling it  the “Credit Score Multiplier Clinic” because I’m going to give you some of the most powerful–and not talked about–secrets of how to quickly and dramatically improve your credit score. I’ll be covering important issues such as:

  • The biggest scam that the credit bureaus are deceiving you with–and how to stop being ripped off by it (it’s one of my biggest issues with these companies and hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting consumers fall prey to their nasty game every year).
  • The do’s and don’ts of “Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair”-why it can work for you and what the pitfalls are. Did you know that those “credit explanations” you’re entitled to put on your credit report may be the WORST thing you can do?
  • How to decide to “Kill it or Keep it”, when looking at your current credit cards.
  • And much more.

I’m designing this session around YOU, so please let me know what YOU want to know–NOW. What issues are you having with your credit? What do you need to know about improving your credit score? Where is your frustration with your credit situation?

The more you ask me below, the more I’ll be able to create the perfect program for you on Thursday night–but moreover, the more you ask, the more I’ll be able to specifically help YOU. So please take a moment and:

1. Ask me your credit questions below.

2. Click here to register for the clinic.

See you in class on Thursday night!


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