Here’s the schedule for this weekend. Registration will be open on Saturday Morning, so pick your classes and we’ll see you there!

8-10 Dustin Mathews Don Burnham
10-12 Darius Barazandeh David Vallieres
12-2 Bob Leonetti Al Schweitzer
2-4 Chris Wise Karen Hanover
4-6 Nick Cifonie Kent Clothier
6-8 Jack Mize David Vallieres
8-10 Don Burnham Sean Carpenter
10-12 Doug Fath Atty X
8-10 Nick Cifonie Donna Bauer
10-12 Karen Hanover David Vallieres
12-2 Al Schweitzer Patrick Riddle
2-4 Doug Fath Chris Wise
4-6 Darius Barazandeh Don Burnham
6-8 Kent Clothier Atty X
8-10 Al Schweitzer David Vallieres
10-12 Tim Bourquin Bob Leonetti

NOTE: The schedule is subject to change. Registration will be available on Saturday morning. :)
FTC Disclosure: REPT is a joint venture revenue sharing partner with the faculty. No surprise, right? That said, we only partner with those that offer products and services that we endorse and that we firmly believe would be of benefit to you.

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